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Peddle Deveoped a top notch affiliate marketing and tracking software - Metricks

About Metricks

Metricks is one of the leading affiliate management software that uses clever technology to provide businesses and affiliates with crucial insights. They provide clients with displays of the areas of their online activity that generate the most traffic, clicks, and conversion.

Metricks has become one of the most loved affiliates management web-based apps.


Metricks’ goal was to scale up and thrive in the fast-paced affiliate market and become a “high-growth giant”. Metricks took a step forward to modernize its current system to stay ahead of the competition. It intended to construct new features, improve the UI/UX of its application, strengthen the affiliate referral tracking feature, and meet other needs besides the overall system upgrade.

As a result, the firm sought competent developers who could increase the performance of its present team with modern technology, allowing for faster analysis and reporting, while simultaneously retaining stability on conversion monitoring.

Nonetheless, it was challenging to assemble a team of IT professionals, especially in such a short period. As a result, Metricks chose Peddle Software after careful evaluation and delegating several project components to other outsourcing providers to verify their adaptability and performance.

Our Solution

The project's ultimate aim was to enhance Metricks’ technology and automation features in order to prepare for future growth. To do this, Peddle Software evaluated several candidates and picked the most qualified developers to form a strong team for Metricks. In addition, we have trained workers to enhance their skills and meet the project objectives. Peddle’s team could carry out the development process efficiently, keep up with Metricks’ frequent updates on features, and complete everything on time.

The Results

The customer was overjoyed with the results and effectiveness of the web application produced by our team. It can now track all affiliates seamlessly and avoid fraud before they happened. They were delighted not only by the quality of the outcomes but also by the overall cost-effectiveness of the project performed by our team.

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