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About peddles technologies

Helping to create the next evolution of problem-solving technologies, one product at a time.

We believe in the transformative potential of science and technology for our customers, our organization, and ourselves.

Peddle Technologies is a prominent firm that provides best-in-class software development. Our expert engineers and designers specialize in creating unique software solutions for a wide range of sectors, including SaaS, eCommerce businesses, financial services, travel and tourism, education, and a lot more.

We understand software compliance, flexibility, intellectual property security, and fostering long-term relationships. Hence, our platforms are extremely flexible, scalable, and regulated, allowing users to select the best Peddle solution based on their requirements as well as existing in-house technology and capabilities.


Reimagining Product Development

A team of problem-solvers developing a suite technological solutions in a wide range of sectors.

Providing services to thousands of businesses globally.

With over five years of collective technical leadership and software development expertise, we build high-performing web-based products that generate long-term value. Peddle launches innovative solutions and obtains exceptional experiences in return. Our firm works across five countries and services 500+ customers globally.

We are guided by a larger goal:

building forward-thinking products.

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Case Studies


Peddle Developed A Top-Notch Affiliate Tracking Software For A UK-Based Client - Metricks

Metricks is one of the leading affiliate management software that uses clever technology to provide businesses and affiliates with crucial insights.


Peddle Developed A Travel Management Web App For A Client - thexplorexx

The project was organized in phases at Peddle, and an NDA the allocated team NDA signed an. We created the following low-cost solution for the travel web app.